Maria Milito

Maria Milito

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Petco Love Lost Reunites Pets With Their Owners

New ShelterMe TV Episodes And The Mustangs Documentary

Maria chats with award-winning filmmaker and returning guest Steven Latham about the new season of ShelterMe TV, 9 new episodes that celebrate the bond between us and our pets. Steven also has an upcoming documentary that will air on PBS The Mustangs: America's Wild Horses (Executive Producer Robert Redford with a Bruce Springsteen song too!)
Give a listen and learn! Also checkout ShelterMe's Facebook page.

North Shore Animal League America Celebrates 80 Years!

Maria chats with Joanne Yohannan, North Shore Animal League America's SVP of Shelter Operations.
North Shore is the world's largest and longest running no-kill shelter! Celebrating 80 years of operation, they've saved more than 1.1 million animals! Joanne and Maria discuss many parts of their mission, including the Celebration of Rescue Gala this Friday June 14th in NYC that Maria is hosting.

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Jennifer S. Holland's DOGSMART: Dogs Are Even Smarter Than You Think!

Maria chats with author Jennifer S. Holland about her latest book DOGSMART:  Life Changing Lessons in Canine Intelligence. We all know how smart dogs are, but Jennifer digs into just how intelligent and instinctive they really are! From sniffing out an approaching seizure to sniffing out an orca's health through its poop (Yes you read correctly!!)  DOGSMART is a fascinating and informative read.

Operation K9 Beethoven's Co-Founder Brian Reyngoudt Returns To Chat

Maria chats with Operation K9 Beethoven's Co-Founder Brian Reyngoudt; he's a returning guest!
Operation K9 Beethoven's mission is "helping veterans one paw at a time" as they rescue dogs and train them to become service dogs for veterans with PTSD.
They also visit hospitals, nursing homes and schools with therapy dogs.

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Paws of War Trains Service Dogs for Vets AND Rescues Pets From Other Countries!!

Maria chats with Paws of War President and Co-Founder Robert Misseri about all they do!
Not only does Paws of War train rescue dogs to become service dogs for veterans (at no cost to the vet), they also bring home dogs and cats that soldiers friended overseas (I learned they do this on a weekly basis!)

Click to learn about PAWS OF WAR and give a listen!!

Art Twain Chats About The Lincoln Zoo Rebellion-A Humorous Tale of Animal Rights

Maria chats with writer, producer, Clio & Emmy Award winner Art Twain about his latest book The Lincoln Zoo Rebellion, written with his long-time friend Larry Belling (who sadly passed away before the book was completed)
Art talks about his love of animals since he was young; his amazing career in advertising and marketing, and of course the book, which deals with animal rights and preservation!
Although the book is aimed at kids 8-14, adults have been enjoying it as well. 
Give a listen and learn all about Art Twain and The Lincoln Zoo Rebellion.

Learn About Bear Brook Feather Friend Rescue & Sanctuary

Maria chats with Bear Brook Feather Friend Rescue and Sanctuary founder Pete Lillo about his sanctuary in Newton NJ. Pete takes care of about 60 ducks and geese, all on his own!!
Most of us know about animal sanctuaries like horses or pigs, but this one is all about our feathered friends. Listen and Learn.
You can follow Bear Brook Feather Friend Rescue and Sanctuary on social media! 

Beloved Best-Selling Author Sy Montgomery's "Secrets of The Octopus"

Maria chats with returning guest Sy Montgomery (who's been referred to as The Octopus Whisperer)
about her new book SECRETS OF THE OCTOPUS!
Sy teaches us about octopus and their ways and why we are fascinated by them--they're shapeshifters!!
The book also has gorgeous close-ups of them in their environment. Listen and Learn!

Feline Fix By Five Month!

Maria chats with Dr. Phil Bushby, a veterinary professional at Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Bushby iis a trailblazer in his fight against animal overpopulation. He shares his vast knowledge about spaying and neutering, especially feline fix by five which means not the standard spaying/neutering after six months.
Listen and Learn!