Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell

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MORBID SAINT - Interview (The Kevin Powell Podcast)

TOMB MOLD - Interview

Join KP as he talks with Toronto, Ontario death metal outfit TOMB MOLD about their newest LP The Enduring Spirit, the band's writing process and more. TOMB MOLD is a must-hear for any fan of Demilich, Death, Cynic, Convulse, Nile, Demigod, Ulthar, Lunar Chamber, Atheist, Carcass, Watchtower, Obliveon, Undeath, Blood Incantation, Vastum, or Horrendous.

KING PARROT - Matthew Young - Interview

Australian grindcore band King Parrot are touring the United States and Kevin Powell was able to talk to vocalist Matthew Young! Join in as "Youngy" explains his favorite parts of touring, differences between Australia and the United States and more! Recorded phone via iHeartMedia studios.

SNAFU - Scott Curnow - Interview

Join Kevin Powell as he talks to guitarist/vocalist Scott Curnow of SNAFU! SNAFU recently opened up for PANTERA on three of their United States tour dates. SNAFU is part of the Housecore Records family. Get ready to learn more about these Detroit thrashers! Photo by Bambi Guthrie Photography

LAST OF OUR KIND - Daniel Maldonado - Interview (Inkarceration Festival 2023)

Join Kevin Powell as he talks to Daniel Maldonado, guitarist for Last of Our Kind! Get to know Daniel's experience at Inkarceration Festival 2023, the band's recording process and more!

SID STRATTON - Interview (Inkarceration Festival 2023)

Join Kevin Powell as he talks to members of Florida based hard rock band Sid Stratton! Sid Stratton performed at the Reformatory Stage at Inkarceration Festival 2023. Learn more about the band, their experience at INK and more!

Gavin Rossdale of BUSH - Interview Live @ Inkarceration Festival 2023

I had the amazing opportunity to attend 2023's Inkarceration Festival in Mansfield, Ohio. Join me as I recap the event and share some highlights including interviewing Gavin Rossdale of BUSH!

Zak & Rex Cox of Uncured - Interview

Brothers Zak & Rex Cox of Uncured sit down and talk to KP before hitting the stage of Inkarceration Fest 2023! Learn more about how big-name festivals are typically ran, how Uncured got their chance to play and more!

TOMBSTONE - Interview

Tombstone is a hardcore band from the Atlanta, Georgia area. Join KP as he talks to the guitarists Cody and Wesley about the band's beginnings, influences and future plans!

Haven State - Interview

Haven State is a Post hardcore/Prog band from Pittsburgh, PA

Join Kevin Powell as he explores the band's beginnings, music backgrounds and more!