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Bush In Concert - Nashville, TN

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Evanescence's Fallen: 20th Anniversary Edition is available in two-LP, two-CD and digital versions that come with four B-sides, four live tracks, a previously unreleased version of "My Immortal" and a demo of "Bring Me to Life."

Muse's Absolution XX Anniversary is a two-CD or three-LP set that features a remastered version of the original album on one CD and two LPs, plus a collection of 11 demos and live tracks on the other CD and LP.

Dolly Parton's long-awaited rock double album Rockstar includes guest appearances by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr on a cover of The Beatles' "Let It Be," plus StingSteve PerryJoan JettSteve NicksRob Halford of Judas Priest and Nikki Sixx and John 5 of Motley Crue.

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