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FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH: Ivan's Hernia Puts Him in ER

Five Finger Death Punch With Brantley Gilbert, Las Vegas, NV

Photo: Getty Images

Ivan Moody's recovery from surgery for three hernias has hit another snag, forcing Five Finger Death Punch to scrap more dates.

They posted on their website Monday afternoon that "Ivan went to the emergency room a few days ago with some complications from his recent hernia surgery. While he is in the best possible medical care, his doctors have advised he must not perform any strenuous activity until, at the minimum, June 12th...

"We are all looking forward to returning to the stage as soon as Ivan has made a full recovery."

The surgery had already forced FFDP to pull out of opening for Metallica last month and now they've been replaced as openers by Epica in Paris Wednesday and in Hamburg on May 28th. The next headlining show on their schedule is June 14th in Romania, with the next Metallica opening slot June 18th in Sweden.

Monday, May 15, 2023 - 04:41 PM

Ivan Moody of FFDP had to go to the ER because of his hernia surgery recovery.

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Mon, 05/15/2023 - 16:41

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