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FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH: Ivan Retracts Retirement Statement

Five Finger Death Punch Kick Off Fall 2019 Tour With Three Days Grace, Bad Wolves And Fire From The Gods

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In a move that isn't exactly surprising, Ivan Moody has walked back his on-stage claim that he was going to retire from heavy metal after one more Five Finger Death Punch album.

Moody made the claim during a show in Denver on October 14th after he brought his kids on stage, saying he wanted to retire to spend more time with them.

Now, in a lengthy video posted on on YouTube, Moody says he isn't going to retire after the band's next album. "I apologize because music's all I've got, and I don't think, for one, my kids would respect me in the long run if I quit doing what got me here. I don't think my friends would talk to me. Obviously they didn't text me, not the ones I was hoping for...

"My bandmates deserve better. Zoltan [Bathory] deserves my heart and has earned my respect time and time again. He may as well be my blood. You deserve the best, there is no question about that."

Moody and Five Finger Death Punch will be back on the road starting November 9th in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 - 02:34 PM

FFDP's Ivan Moody retracted his retiring from heavy metal comments of two weeks ago.

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Wed, 10/26/2022 - 14:34

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