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MUDVAYNE: New Music on the Horizon?

Freaks On Parade Tour With Rob Zombie And Mudvayne

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It looks like the Mudvayne reunion might go beyond just headlining some festivals.

Singer Chad Gray tells Revolver, "I would be excited to write with these guys... We've done a little bit of file sharing or whatever. Just some riffs. Greg [Tribbett] went into the studio in Texas...and just laid some stuff down, sent it to Matt [McDonough]. Matt put just a really simple metronome drum beat to it. I was working on it. It's pretty rad, different stuff. I've got a few different angles that I'm working with kind of how I want it to be, my parts anyway."

But Gray says that because it's been 13 years since Mudvayne released any new music, he's going to hold anything new to a very high standard. "Obviously we're not going to put something out if I don't feel like it stands up. It's going to have to blow my hair back before I would put it out, because I wouldn't want to put anything out and then people are just, like, '[They] can't do it anymore.'"

Thursday, September 8, 2022 - 03:15 PM

Chad Gray says Mudvayne has started doing a little writing.

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Thu, 09/08/2022 - 15:15

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