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KISS: Detroit Rock...Fake City?


Photo: Getty Images

KISS have long been suspected of using backing vocal tracks, something that they've always denied.

Well, they just might have been caught in a lie Monday night in Antwerp, Belgium during the opening song, "Detroit Rock City."

According to one concertgoer, Austin Ogonoski, drummer Eric Singer exposed their so-called "lie" when forgot to "rest for a measure" towards the end of the song "instead continuing to play the standard beat for two additional measures." Realizing his mistake, Singer "begins the drumroll / breakdown a measure late," which "means Paul Stanley's vocal track is out of sync with what the band is actually playing. Paul's track plays 'Everybody's gonna leave their SEAT,' completely out of sync with the song and when nobody is at a mic."

Meanwhile, another fan, Jochem Blaauwwrites, "Curious about Eric's rare mistake at 5:09 and Paul's 'singing' right after..."

And someone who calls himself The Fonz says, "Something screws up with the track KISS are miming to on 'Detroit Rock City' in Antwerp, Belgium on the 'End of the Dignity Tour.' Result is the pyro fires too early and Paul is left with his pants down when his vocal plays without him pretending to sing it."

While KISS won't comment on this, the video doesn't lie.

KISS continue their End of the Road tour Friday at the Download Festival in Donington, England.

Ironically, Friday also marks the next release in their Off the Soundboard series, which is Live at Donington 1996.

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