Aerosmith's 2022 Touring Plans Are 'A Pipe Dream,' Says Brad Whitford

Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford has serious doubts about his legendary band's prospects of returning in a post-pandemic world.

While Aerosmith had a European tour booked for 2020 that's since been rescheduled to 2022, Whitford told Joe Bonamassa on a recent Live From Nerdville podcast that the plan seems unlikely to him.

"The European tour, they tried to plan one last year, and they're talking about next year," he said. "It's a pipe dream right now. Nothing's gonna happen for a long time. Sometimes I'm not sure what my partners are thinking when they think that's gonna happen."

Whitford understands live concerts are coming back, and many artists (including Bonamassa) have already started gigging again. He explained that his hesitation about 2022 touring comes from the inescapable fact that the band members aren't getting any younger, having celebrated Aerosmith's 50th anniversary a year ago.

"I mean, I have my doubts about Aerosmith ever really performing again at this stage, because age is becoming a real factor. And it is what it is," he added.

The band's 'Deuces Are Wild' anniversary celebration residency in Las Vegas signaled that Aerosmith was winding down its live performing and travel commitments. Some weeks into the residency, the band briefly replaced drummer Joey Kramer with his longtime tech amid concerns over Kramer's fitness.

Whitford's counterpart, guitarist Joe Perry, has also been dealing with serious health problems. Perry, who has managed respiratory issues his entire life, was hospitalized in late-2018 after collapsing backstage following an appearance with Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden. Two years earlier, he endured a similar episode during a Hollywood Vampires show in Brooklyn.

Aerosmith pulled the plug on a South American tour in 2017 after Steven Tyler suffered "unexpected medical issues" that required him to return home immediately for a medical procedure.

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