2 Sarasota Women Play Fake Cops, Torment Drivers With Threats

photo: Sarasota county police

Look at these two. Police say it's NOT the first time these clowns have been acting police. This time, they ACTUALLY streamed on Facebook live as they were doing it!

Police say McDowell and Poole can be heard saying, “driver, exit the vehicle,” “put your *******

hands up driver,” “I need everyone to exit the ******* car,” “do not make a move,” “Black lives don’t ******* matter,” and “anybody move and I will shoot.”

“This wasn’t Sarasota police officers pulling over a car,” said Chief Bernadette DiPino. “These were people who were pretending to be law enforcement officers and putting fear into innocent victims and residents of our community. If you ever suspect if someone is pulling you over that you
feel isn’t a law enforcement officer, call 911 to validate the traffic stop.”