Journalists Reveal Name Of 'Rogue Cop Who Hoodwinked An Entire System'


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Journalists Steve Fishman and Dax-Devlon Ross invite us to join them as they dive into the corrupt nature of Louis N. Scarcella and all the individuals he wrongfully convicted throughout the '90s in The Burden, a podcast produced by Orbit Media, available on iHeartRadio.

"Detective Louis N. Scarcella was a legendary figure in New York City during the '90s. In a city overrun with violent crime, he cracked the toughest cases and put away the worst criminals. But the story changed when a group of convicted murderers-turned-jailhouse lawyers made a startling discovery that linked all their cases: Scarcella was the cop who helped put many of them away," the podcast description reads.

Each new episode brings listeners deeper and deeper into the plot where the wrongfully convicted decide to "take down Scarcella" after spending decades behind bars.

"They made a vow: Take down Scarcella. And with the help of a relentless New York Times reporter, they did just that. Thirty years later, 20 people who Scarcella helped put behind bars have since walked free. In the media, he’s known as the disgraced, rogue cop who hoodwinked an entire system."

After putting the real convict in jail and analyzing the horrible destructive path that the criminal left in his rear view, authorities questioned whether or not all this could have been done by one person.

"But was this really the workings of one person? We spent hundreds of hours talking with witnesses who were coerced, jailhouse lawyers, outraged attorneys, and righteous cops. Scarcella insists he didn’t do anything wrong. And after finally tracking him down, he agreed to take us into the belly of the beast... where justice is done (and undone)."

Check out this week's episode, "The Actual Innocence Team," on iHeartRadio to find out who Scarcella framed on his quest towards wrongful conviction of over a dozen people, and gather addition information on the case from inside sources!

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