Matt Cameron Gives Update On New Pearl Jam Album: 'Ready To Go'

Photo: Danny Clinch

Pearl Jam spent 2023 working on a new album, and according to Matt Cameron it's "ready to go."

The drummer gave the exciting update during a visit to The Vinyl Guide podcast. “We’re sort of figuring all that stuff out right now, but we did make a record with Andrew Watt that’s in the can — mastered, mixed, ready to go,” he revealed. “And so I think the powers that be are trying to figure out when that’s gonna come out and touring and all that kind of stuff.”

When asked if Pearl Jam planned to tour on the album next year, Cameron replied: “I think so.”

In June, Jeff Ament said the album was getting there but not quite done yet. “The hardest part of [finishing] a record a lot of times is figuring out which songs go on the record and do we need to record another song and what’s the artwork and what’s the title and all that stuff," he explained at the time. “Come September, we’re still gonna pick up those questions we have about where we’re at and we’re gonna ask those questions again. I think everybody hopes that we have a record out next year. If we have a record out next year, that means we’ll probably play a few more shows, and I think there’s a couple places we haven’t played in quite a while, so I think we have stuff penciled in.”

Sounds like fans should keep their eyes peeled for an album announcement!

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