Ozzy, Kiss Criticize Corporate 'Rock Star' Lingo In Hilarious Super Bowl Ad

Photo: Getty Images

Paul Stanley, Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Pat Benatar and more are featured in Workday's latest Super Bowl ad, and it's hilarious. The ad opens with Kiss frontman Paul Stanley ending a concert and calling out corporate workers who refer to each other as "rockstars" for completing simple office tasks.

"Hey corporate types, would you stop calling each other rock stars?" The ad continues with a few office employees calling each other rockstars. "You're a rock star... you are a rock star!" Joan Jett and Billy Idol also get in on the action to describe the crazy lifestyles that they have lived as true rock stars.

"Ive trashed hotel rooms in 43 countries," Idol says, surrounded by a hotel room that looks as though a tornado ripped through it. "I've been on the road since I was 16," Jett shares. Ozzy is next to talk about his life as one of hard rock's greatest legends.

"I've done my share of bad things, and your share of bad things." The Godfather of Heavy Metal cheers on Ted from finance as the corporate employee timidly takes the stage at a concert. "Oh Ted in Finance, you're a rock star!" The ad concludes with Workday urging their employees to strive to be finance and HR rock stars.

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