A Congressional Candidate Mailed Out Fliers That Accidentally Featured a Giant Horse Dong
We don't know how many of these fliers were sent out . . . but hey, at least they're getting some attention. 

Father and His Two Sons All Get DUIs in the Span of a Few Minutes

I'm thinking this ISN'T what this family meant by a weekend of father-son bonding.




A Thief Is Caught When He Stops to Pee . . . and Pees Into a Wasp's Nest

Apparently when you rob a pet store, the entire animal kingdom turns against you.



A Woman Named Tonya Harding Is Arrested For Messing With the Cops

There's a 39-year-old blonde woman in Jacksonville, Florida named Tonya Harding.  That means she was 19 when the other Tonya Harding became a punch line . . . which must've made life permanently difficult for her.